Why Radio Works

Reach Your Customers

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Radio provides a broader, captive audience than any other media medium available! 265 million Americans tune into AM/FM radio weekly. 93% of Americans listen to Radio on a daily basis, which garners a larger audience than television, print or digital products. Millennials represent a statistically higher proportion of Radio consumers, as millions are tuning in daily and the figures support an increase in AM/FM Radio audiences in recent years. That’s right, the ever popular source of news, sports, music and entertainment is not only flourishing, but growing! Your business can benefit from the strength and power of Radio through advertising. As a client of East Ky Broadcasting, you are afforded the choice of multiple music and talk formats backed by quality production and years of experience. Simply put, Radio works. Many successful local, regional and national businesses have been built and continue to flourish with the support of Radio advertising. Our staff of marketing experts and our talented production crew can help you turn your business into a thriving example of limitless growth and potential.

East Ky Broadcasting is the premier choice for media in the central Appalachian region and beyond! EKB offers radio, television, digital, print and more! Specializing in understanding our market and helping our clients target and reach their audience is what we do best. We cover all facets of advertising and ensure our clients receive superior service when we create and implement marketing strategies that work. With multiple music and talk formats on radio, locally produced and network television programming, print projects, and digital content, we can reach nearly any consumer in the region. The power of East Ky Broadcasting is backed by nearly 70 years of experience in the media industry. Armed with intense knowledge of our consumer base, our locally owned and operated company serves the region with entertainment, sports, news, weather, and YOUR advertising message. No other media company can reach your customers in the way that our company can and will!

Radio is the foundation of EKB. Since 1949, our company has led the local industry in broadcasting and continues to dominate the local market. To meet the ever growing needs of our clients and broaden our ability to reach new, diverse markets, EKB has expanded to include a local television station. Currently available to a 200,000+ audience via local cable and limitless consumers who can watch online, our television offerings are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds with advertisers and consumers. Demand has also led the company to provide print and digital platforms, maintaining a strong social media presence and offering successful marketing campaigns limited to digital content only! Take advantage of our multi-level approach to reaching your customer base!

East Kentucky Broadcasting

Our campus is located atop the Peach Orchard area, overlooking downtown Pikeville. Our location since 1949, our facilities have grown to house six radio studios, a television studio as well as audio and video production facilities. Transmission facilities located across Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia.